Eight Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean

You can benefit from clean kitchen counters in so many ways. When these flat surfaces are clear and spotless, they make the kitchen visually appealing and offer plenty of workspace for food preparation, cooking, baking, and cleaning. Additionally, the less clutter you have on your counters means fewer things to maintain and less time spent searching for items you need.

The reality is kitchen counters tend to attract unnecessary household clutter, so upkeep may seem challenging. However, we have eight simple tips to help you declutter your countertops and keep them in pristine condition.

Eight Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean

Limit the Number of Appliances on Your Kitchen Counters

Having too many appliances on your countertops can make the space look untidy; therefore, be selective. Leave out the ones you use daily and put the rest away in cabinets or on shelves for easy access.

Maximize Your Cabinet and Drawer Spaces

For a clear kitchen counter, it’s best to take advantage of your cabinets and drawers for storing as many things as possible. Install hooks inside and outside your cabinets to maximize these areas for tools like measuring cups and cutting boards. You can even attach a paper towel rack underneath a cabinet so your paper towels can reside somewhere other than your counter.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Removing what you no longer need or want will undoubtedly give your counters a cleaner look. To start the decluttering process, eliminate anything that is nonfunctional and nonimportant. Then, continue to reduce the number of items until you’re left with only the essentials.

Keep Papers in One Location

In most kitchens, countertops become a dropzone for mail, supermarket circulars, take-out menus, and other paperwork. To avoid huge piles of papers cluttering your counters, designate a specific area like a drawer or wall file for your essential documents and recycle or trash unimportant things like junk mail.

Use a Hanging Fruit Basket

Conventional fruit baskets may seem practical; however, they usually occupy valuable kitchen counter space. Hang your fruits instead, so you can still keep them fresh while freeing up your countertop.

Organize Items on Trays or Stands

If you must leave certain items on your counter, use trays or stands to group them. That way, you can access the things you need while still maintaining neat, organized counters.

Establish Rules for Maintaining Clean Counters

It would be helpful to establish and communicate a few rules so everyone in your household is aware of what should and shouldn’t stay on your kitchen counters. Here are some standard rules you can enforce:

  • Return items to their rightful place.
  • Always place dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher or sink.
  • Keep paperwork in its designated area.
  • Make sure to disinfect counters every evening before bed.

Add Storage Solutions

And our final tip, which is also the simplest way to keep your counters clutter-free, is to create additional storage options throughout your kitchen. For instance, you can place magnetic strips on your backsplash to hang your knives. Or install a shelving unit or wall-mounted racks for your cookbooks, stand mixer, seasonings, and cleaning supplies. Adding hooks and a pegboard also opens up more storage possibilities.

For further suggestions on kitchen counter maintenance or to learn more about our products and services, feel free to contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you.