About Us

Moreno Granite & Marble specializes in turning natural stone from around the world into breathtaking design elements for your home. We can add a unique style to virtually any room. A kitchen with ordinary countertops can be totally transformed into an elegant gathering place for family and friends. A granite table can be the focal point of a magnificent dining room.  A stone fireplace mantle can set the tone for a living room with style and grace.

We are in industry leader with the highest standards of customer service and unparalleled attention to craftsmanship. Our staff has completed major projects for many prestigious homes and commercial buildings.

Unique colors and textures:

Stones have a look that cannot be duplicated with any other material. Some varieties have distinctive variations in color and texture, while others are more subtle. There are countless colors of stone from around the world available to complement any palette.

Interior/exterior applications:

The incredible versatility of stones make it the perfect choice for interiors and exteriors. The natural beauty of stone endures for centuries to come. For example, the Roman structures which are still standing. Custom patio kitchens, benches, and table tops will turn an ordinary outdoor space into the perfect place to entertain.

Custom shapes:

We have the ability to produce virtually any shape and edge design. Elegant table tops, fireplace mantle’s, custom furniture tops, swimming pool coping, benches, stair tread’s, medallions, irregular shaped counters, executive desks…the list is endless.

Custom service:

At Moreno Granite & Marble, we understand that excellent customer service is critically important. Your entire project will be coordinated by a project manager who will assist you through the steps of the process. From the initial design through the final installation, your project manager is a key ingredient in assuring your project is a complete success.


Turning a slab of natural stone into a work of art is a very demanding process. It involves massive technical machinery as well as very slow and meticulous handwork. Our Craftsman have skills that have been developed through years of experience and they can handle any challenge a designer or homeowner may present.

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