• No two slabs will be exactly the same so your countertop will be a one of a kind creation. Some Granite slabs show a lot of movement, a most interesting look while others show a uniform look. Granite is quarried out of the mountains around the world with a large variety of colors, partners & textures to give you multiple opportunities for your personal project.
  • Granite is extremely durable, is second in hardness to diamonds. Although Granite is very hard and most of its minerals are harder than steel, it can be scratched. If it happens it is best to cover up the scratch with a stone “darkener”. Scratches can be polished out but that involves removing some of the stone and this can create a very slight dip in the stone which will shop in the reflections. Polished stone is as flat as a mirror and changes in the surface will show up as distortions and there are often more noticeable than mirror scratches. At the moment there is no truly effective scratch filler on the market.
  • Granite is heat resistant; Granite can withstand a hot dish straight from the oven or stove right onto its surface.
  • In today’s world of hygiene awareness, having a natural stone countertop will give you assurance that, with its densely packed crystalline structure and very low porosity, bacteria has no place to hide. Cleaning, you can’t go wrong with just a little dish soap & water; Dry the top after cleaning with a soft rag. Never use abrasive chemical cleaners. Do not wax your tops.
  • Natural stone tops require almost no maintenance. They should remain just as beautiful as the day they were installed with minimal upkeep. We do recommend resealing your Granite countertops every 8-10 months. It is a natural stone material, made by Mother Nature and part of its beauty is in the realization that every piece is different. Appreciate it for its natural qualities and don’t try to change or alter them.