Granite is the best natural surface used for countertops. Its natural beauty allows you to have a countertop that cannot be duplicated

Quartz is an engineered quartz surface that is 93% quartz. It is the most durable and low maintenance countertop offered on the market. Quartz colors are generally consistent.

Marble is a very beautiful stone and inherently elegant. Its white brightness cannot be matched by granite. It is a widely available stone. The beauty and value placed on marble countertops also mean that it will add value to your overall home.

Our countertop installation process:

  1. Call Moreno Granite and request an estimate.
  2. Receive an estimate and an idea of what color should you use based on some samples presented.
  3. After all color and edge choices have been finalized, the final price will be given and we proceed with the template (a pattern made to fit specifications).
  4. Next, the installation schedule will be given.
  5. The material is brought to Moreno Granite and cut to measurements or template, edged, and polished.
  6. Installation day will come soon after the materials have arrived and are ready for transport to your home.

It can be done, though not recommendable. Cutting on the stone will dull your knives very fast, there are some rocks that are not indestructible, like marble, limestone, and a few other materials out there that will stain. There are too many variables to fully recommend food preparing on granite, therefore we strongly suggest a cutting board. Request for one from the company, we will be happy to have one polished for you to save and preserve the quality of your countertops.

You can put hot pans on granite countertops, but that doesn’t mean that you should. Here are a few reasons:

Granite absorbs the heat from your pans. Your countertop is not going to change color when it’s hot. There is nothing to warn you the countertop is hot enough to burn. Even though granite is not porous, a hot pan can stain it. Residue from the stove burners transfer to the pan and your countertops.

A sealant is applied after project installation, and to preserve the stone shine, it could be repeated once a year or whenever necessary.

Moreno Granite offers a wide variety of edge cut styles. Click here to view our selection of edges.

Stone edges should be all about the cabinet lines and style of the space around it. For example, square or beveled edge from the countertop goes very well with straight modern lines of the kitchen cabinets.

Cost is based on multiple factors like square footage, placement of countertops, premium edges, and more. Price is provided on an initial estimate, following the final price upon material selection. Quotes are provided at no cost or obligation. Get a quote 

For a more accurate quote, we have to include the customer’s information on cabinet layout, type of sink, stove or cooktops.

Granite: Warm water and light-colored dish soap. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners that will break down your seal quicker

Quartz: You can use anything from an all-purpose cleaner to soap and water

Marble: Mix a squirt of gentle, non-abrasive dish soap with warm water and spray the countertops generously. Scrub gently and wipe away with a clean washcloth.

If you want to install the countertop, Moreno Granite will not be liable on breakage or wrong installation.