5 Stages Of Countertop Fabrication

When you’re thinking of having a granite countertop installed, you might wonder about the process that’s used to make it. It’s as much an art as a woodworker making custom cabinets. Read on to find out the 5 stages of countertop fabrication.

5 Stages Of Countertop Fabrication


Though you might not consider this an actual stage in the process, without a consultation, you wouldn’t get your countertop. At least not the right one. This is the most important part of the process. Measurements are taken to make sure everything fits, including where cutouts for your sink and faucets will be made. You want that to be spot-on!


Before the fabricator can begin to make your countertop, the granite has to be extracted from a quarry and cut into manageable slabs (that can weigh 40 tons). Mining companies use specialized extractors and cranes, then deliver it to the fabricator.

Taking Shape

The next stage in the process is where the final product begins to take shape, literally. Using diamond or diamond wire saws, the rough granite slab is cut to a uniform size. Diamonds are used because they’re the hardest material on the planet, and the only thing that will cut through the hard granite.


Once the slab has been cut down to size, it’s run through a polishing machine. This gives it the highly sought after, mirror-looking gloss shine that granite countertops are known for. This is also the time in the countertop fabrication process where it’s sealed using any of several types of resins.

Finishing Up

The fabricator uses a bridge saw to cut the polished and sealed slab into the final, custom size. The edges are polished and the cutouts for your sink are made. Custom edging is also done in this stage. Now, your custom countertop is ready to be installed in your kitchen.

Get It Done Right!

Countertop fabrication is a detailed, precision process that’s worth every penny you put into it. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade and beautify your home. You need someone that knows the process and how to do it right. Contact Moreno Granite & Marble for all your design, fabrication, and installation needs. See how our 10 years of experience can help you today!