Install a Granite Bookmatched Wall and Remodel with Elegance

Install a Granite Bookmatched Wall and Remodel with EleganceIf you are ready to take your home to the next level, it is time for a serious remodeling job. Whether you are wanting to take on a solitary kitchen project or include other rooms, as well, Moreno Granite and Marble is the right company to join you for this exciting adventure. Our years of experience paired with our expert eye makes us the perfect partner for all of the design work and installation necessary to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a totally new space.

By implementing a slab of natural stone, you are bringing both durability and elegance into your home. From granite to marble to onyx and beyond, these stone surfaces are becoming wildly popular in homes across the DFW area, and our company is well established at bringing these beautiful slabs to life in a number of vivid and functional ways. If you want to completely gut and rebuild your shower, then a bookmatched granite wall is the perfect focal point to build the new bathroom around. If you are wanting to create a new vibe for your kitchen but are unsure about where to start in the design process, then going with a granite bookmatched wall is the perfect solution to bringing the whole room together with a timeless and fresh vision that speaks elegance and beauty.

Bookmatching occurs when a slab is carefully selected and installed in a manner in which it reveals symmetry, as if a book was being open and one side mirrors the other. This intricate stonework can be used strictly on a wall or incorporated into the countertop, as well. Gone are the days when a bunch of nails were needed to hang artwork and design touches to a room in which the elements themselves can speak volumes. These beautiful granite surfaces can be easily cleaned and maintained, making them doubly appealing in their function and aesthetic presence.

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