3 Backsplash Styles That Perfectly Match Travertine Countertops

If you’re updating your kitchen countertops to the beautiful look of natural stone, now is the time to find a new look for your backsplash. This accent surface can pull together your kitchen’s whole style, and you can create a custom look that perfectly matches your travertine counters. Keep these three style elements in mind as you browse:

3 Backsplash Styles That Perfectly Match Travertine Countertops

1. Use small, long tiles.

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, it’s always nice to make it look a bit bigger. Widen your countertops with horizontal tiles. These long lines make your counters look longer and make even the most cluttered countertops feel roomy. To maintain the natural look of travertine tile, look for backsplash tiles with variegated lengths and slight differences in shade.

2. Use a bright contrast color.

Travertine carries a beautiful array of browns, grays, and tans, and that can tie into any cabinet design nicely. Use a bright color from the other side of the color wheel to add contrast and make your kitchen more visually exciting. Blues and greens are beautiful tile colors when your kitchen has a lot of browns. Look for frosted glass tiles that make your kitchen look like a beach house.

3. Add designs to break up wide areas.

If the majority of your countertops are against a wall without windows, you may have wide open expanses above your kitchen sink and the oven. Break up that space with a frame design or a slightly offset pattern of tile. These decorative spaces can make the space feel more balanced and full.

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