The Pros and Cons of Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble countertops can bring a timeless beauty to any bathroom, which is why they continue to be one of the most popular options for bathroom remodels year-after-year. Yet, is marble really the best option for countertops in a bathroom? Just because marble is a popular option, does this mean that they are the right option for your bathroom renovation? To help you decide whether or not marble countertops are the right option for you, here is a look at a few of the pros and cons of choosing marble bathroom countertops.

The Pros and Cons of Marble Bathroom Countertops

Pro: Durability

One of the primary reasons why marble countertops are so popular in both kitchens and bathrooms is due to their durability. Marble is much more durable than synthetic materials, and they are not likely to burn when exposed to heat (such as from a curling iron or hair straightener). Marble countertops are also extremely strong, and they are much harder to damage or crack than tile.

Con: They Can be Prone to Staining and Etching 

While marble countertops are durable, they are not impervious to damage, and you will need to be careful if you end up choosing marble for your bathroom as this material can be prone to staining and etching. Since marble is a softer and more porous stone than granite, it can have a tendency to be absorbent, which can cause stains; particularly when exposed to dyes from certain hair products. Marble is also susceptible to being damaged by acidic substances such as lemon juice and certain cleaning products, which can cause etching if you are not careful.

Pro: Appearance

The main reason that marble has been a preferred building material for centuries is due to its timeless and elegant beauty. Marble’s unique colors and patterns stand out and can help any room to shine, which can truly transform any space in which marble is used. It is rare to find anyone who is not drawn to the beauty of marble.

Con: Maintenance

While marble countertops are beautiful, they may also require more maintenance than some countertops. As was previously mentioned, you have to be careful when you have marble countertops, as the wrong hair products or countertop cleaners could cause staining and etching. Additionally, in order to ensure that they maintain their beauty for decades, marble countertops need to be resealed every year or two. While marble countertops are not the most maintenance-heavy option, it is important to take maintenance requirements into consideration when trying to decide if marble countertops are right for you.

Ultimately, many homeowners find that marble countertops are worth the work due to the lasting beauty that they bring to any space; however, what countertops will be best for your home will depend on your individual needs. Contact us for advice on choosing the right countertops for your bathroom remodel.