How to Create the Perfect Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite is very durable and versatile, which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops. Granite allows you to design a unique look for your kitchen. By choosing a granite countertop as the focal point of your kitchen design, you will have multiple color and style options. Available in black, gray, white, blue, gold, copper, red, beige, and more, you will choose a granite that matches your kitchen and becomes the centerpiece of your home. Moreno Granite & Marble recommends these tips to create the perfect kitchen design for your space:

How to Create the Perfect Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite patterns in Dallas

Granite is available in three types of patterns: marbled, speckled, and uniform.


The granite with a marbled look offers a smooth transition between the lines and the thickness of the material. It is often quartzite or dolomite. It offers a high-end look and looks a bit like marble. Often more expensive, it is perfect for a kitchen with a contemporary design.


If you are looking for more variety in texture and color, go for mottled granite like Colonial, Bianco Antico, Solarius, Delicatus, Athiri River White, etc. You will have a very large choice of colors and styles to coordinate perfectly with your kitchen cabinets and appliances.


Although rarer, there are a few uniform granites with little variation in color, providing a more streamlined and modern look. Uniform granites, such as Cambrian Noir, Kodiak, and St-Henri, are a great choice for small kitchens.

Glossy, polished-mat, or antiqued granite

Granite is available in different finishes: gloss, matte-polished, and antique. Glossy granite is the most popular and is a good choice for modestly sized kitchens, as it reflects light and enlarges the room, making it more welcoming. Matte-polished granite offers a more natural look but is more difficult to maintain than glossy and antique. Antique granite is more and more popular because it offers the same color as the matte polish and is much easier to clean. It gives a more rustic or industrial look to your kitchen.

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