Marble or Granite? Which Natural Stone Is Right for Your New Countertop?

Marble and granite. Two beautiful stones perfect for countertops. Both indisputably eye-catching, either natural stone will add an elegant and premium feel to any kitchen or bathroom. But alas, such beauty comes at a cost… With both materials being so excellent in their own right, many consumers find it difficult make a decision. So if your not sure about which to pick, let Moreno compare the unique properties of marble and granite to determine which material is right for your needs.

Marble or Granite? Which Natural Stone Is Right for Your New Countertop?


Marble is famed for its smooth, blended coloration overlaid with snaking veins. Marble countertops are often said to flow, with the natural stone often appearing distinctly as a single material. While usually white or cream, marble can come in a variety of colors.

In contrast, granite is typically more granular, giving the material a more textured appearance. Often, granite countertops are a speckled composite of white and gray and brown pieces bonded together to form the stone. Because of this, the overall appearance of a granite surface can vary significantly, providing a wide selection of options.


While both materials are heavy and durable, granite typically holds an edge over marble when it comes to durability due to its composition. Being comprised of silica, granite is a remarkably hard substance, which is very resistant to scratching and chipping. In contrast, marble is primarily calcium carbonate, a somewhat softer substance that not only tends to scratch and chip easier, but also requires a more delicate cleaning and maintenance process. Marble additionally is more prone to be stained by certain liquids, such as red wine. Both materials are porous to water, but if properly sealed, this can be avoided.

As a side note, if you expect your countertop to be a high-traffic area, perhaps consider choosing quartz. Quartz countertops tend to not only be very durable, but also aesthetically pleasing, making them a worthy competitor to both.

Regardless of which material you choose, either natural stone provides an attractive surface for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Natural stone countertops are always in fashion and a worthy addition to any home. Choosing between marble and granite is a decision that will usually come down to one’s own aesthetic sensibilities. But, if neither material speaks to you, keep in mind that other options also exist. As mentioned above, quartz countertops are a modern and trendy alternative to traditional natural stone countertops that is both more durable and simpler to maintain than either marble or granite. If you have any further questions or are ready to discuss professional installation, feel free to contact our team at Moreno Granite & Marble.