Marble countertops can make your kitchen a temple in your home

Marble has been the preferred building material for builders and artists for countless generations.  From the temples and statues of Ancient Greece to the monuments and government buildings of our own country today, nothing quite speaks to aesthetics and simplicity like marble.  Marble has garnered its reputation because of the way it withstands the elements, but also because of how it can be crafted and shaped into so many things.  Your kitchen might not be a Hellenistic temple to a god or goddess, but marble can work for you in so many other ways.

Marble countertops can make your kitchen a temple in your home

Benefits of marble

Aesthetics: Just looking at it, marble will set your kitchen apart from your friends and neighbors.  It is also fairly uniform in how it looks, which means that seams and large areas won’t suffer from that jarring interruption of pattern like other countertop materials.

Heavy and durable:  Unlike a lighter, manufactured material, marble is strong and solid.  It is quarried with all sorts of different uses, such as building materials, flooring, tile, and yes countertops.

Better for the environment: Marble is quarried from the ground and unlike laminates, plastics, and man-made materials, it doesn’t require the petrochemicals to produce.

Long-lasting:  Your countertop, with proper care, will be around for a long time. Even as the times change, marble is still impressive and holds up with design trends. Marble is perhaps the most timeless of all building materials.

Drawbacks of marble

Marble can be tricky: Over time, water and acids will begin to dissolve the surface.  It is also a soft stone, and can be marred with knives and even impacts. Certain pigments such as wine or coffee can also stain your marble surface, seeping down into the porous stone.

Weight: Depending on how much marble you need, it can become extremely heavy.  Skimping on the weight and thickness of marble can also lead to your countertop breaking under weight. Too thick and you might break your cabinets or put a lot of stress on floor joists in your kitchen.

Here to serve you

Marble is a unique building material that has been revered as long as people have been building things.  It can make a stunning addition to your kitchen as well as increasing your property value.  Moreno Granite & Marble, LLC has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 10 years. As a family-owned business, we carry marble, granite, onyx, soapstone, quartz and many other materials for countertops. Our team of skilled experts can help you design, build, and install these and more.  Contact us today!