How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen

Are you looking for a new kitchen countertop and don’t know where to begin? Here at Moreno Granite & Marble, our family-owned business has over 10 years of experience in design consultation and countertop installation. We’ve broken down the process of buying your next kitchen countertop into a few easy to follow steps.

How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen

Know your budget

Kitchen countertop materials vary in price and starting prices can range from $50-100 per square foot. Once you have determined your budget and how much you can afford for a new countertop, you will have to identify which materials best fit your budget. Common countertop materials include granite, marble, quartz, slate, and concrete. Contacting a reputable contractor is the best option for knowing which material type is best for your budget.

Consider the required maintenance

Before you buy your next kitchen countertop, it is best to know how much work and maintenance will be required to keep it in good condition. Absorbable materials such as marble and granite will require sealing at least once a year, while other non-porous materials will require less maintenance. For example, quartz is very popular because it is durable and requires very little maintenance, and other non-porous materials like it (such as slate) will only require a simple wipe down in most cases.

Choose colors and materials that match your kitchen

Selecting a color and countertop material that matches your kitchen will improve the tone and aesthetic appeal of your home. Certain colors and countertop materials will look better for your kitchen depending on whether it has a modern or a classic look. If possible, try to match photos of your desired countertop up against your kitchen walls, floors, cabinets, and accessories to determine whether the countertop you are interested in matches the look and feel of your kitchen.

Do you still need help choosing your next countertop? Contact us for assistance.